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Explore the beauty of Barcelona and Cataluña on a Retro Ride

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Maybe you wish to discover Barcelona itself or explore further afield into Cataluña. Amazing twisty roads can lead you to the top of mountains or down into secluded coves on the coast. Lunch by the sea or looking over the mountains? Everything is possible in Cataluña. Let us, at Retro Rides, design the best Tour to meet your wishes. The Tour can be guided by a member of our team or programmed into a GPS for you to get out there and explore with freedom.

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  • Free route advice and planning when renting the bikes
  • Self guided tour with a programmed GPS
  • Let one of our guides take you on a ride
  • Get in touch for costs and more information

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I had a great experience with Retro Rides! Booked a bike and had a route all planned out for me. I didn’t have much time to explore so was pointed straight to the coastal roads I wanted to check out.

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Barcelona. Costa Brava. The Pyrenees.
Experience some of the best riding in Europe. We’ve got the bikes, the kit and the knowledge.
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