El Garraf

A real mediterranean feel. Starting from the coast and rising through the hills to the Parc Natural de Garraf

Small winding roads from the beach into the hills

12000 hectares of limestone hills raising from the Mediterranean. A quick 20 minute ride on the highway out of Barcelona finds you in Garraf, a small village on the coast. Here you will find a small beach with a few nice restaurants as well as casual eating options on the beach itself.
From the village a small winding road will lead you up the cliffs and hills into the Parc Natural de Garraf. Here you will find lookouts with incredible views over the Mediterranean, keep going and you will cross over into the valleys looking towards the mountains of Ordal and the wine producing region of Penedes.
The best of Garaff can be done in a few hours from Barcelona making it a perfect route for half days. If you want to keep riding then Garraf is a great point to continue onto Sitges, Panatano de foix and further into the Penedes region.


  • Just 20 minutes from Barcelona
  • Small secluded beach
  • Good lunch spots by the beach
  • Wind your way up the moutnains
  • Lookout over the sea
  • Lots of winding routes to follow and explore
  • This ride can be extended to Sitges, Pantano de Foix or into the Penedes wine country.
  • Can be done in 2 or 3 hours from Barcelona


  • Free route advice and planning when renting the bikes
  • Self guided tour with a programmed GPS
  • Let one of our guides take you on a ride
  • Get in touch for costs and more information

Retro Rides rating

I only had a few hours to ride because I had to be back in Barcelona. Garraf was a perfect choice, felt like I really got away and the winding roads and views were terrific!

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