Journey towards the peaks of Montserrat and rise through the twisty roads to the famous Monastery and incredible views over Catalunya.

Fast flowing curves rising to the peaks of Montserrat

Seen from afar, the massif is comprised of three main peaks. This, along with the formation of many peaks, is where its name comes from, ‘serrat’ meaning serrated saw. The massif can be reached in less than an hour but you can enjoy the views and the sites of the mountain looming from just outside Barcelona. Many routes can take you there and can be linked to a longer days riding. Once on the massif enjoy the twisty roads, enough of them to be able to raise and fall on different routes. The famous Monastery at the top is well worth a visit and a nice break on the ride.


  • 50km from Barcelona
  • Views of the mountain looming as you approach
  • Fast flowing curves up and down the mountain
  • Most incredible views of Catalunya, all the way to the sea and the pyrenees
  • Visit the Monastery at the peak of the mountain
  • Really good lunch stops around the area
  • Can be added onto other routes like the Sant Llorenc del munt


  • Free route advice and planning when renting the bikes
  • Self guided tour with a programmed GPS
  • Let one of our guides take you on a ride
  • Get in touch for costs and more information

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