Terms and Conditions

RETRO RIDES, S.L. Spanish Company with the N.I.F. B-67203117 and registered office at Calle Encarnacio, núm. 108, Plant BJ, Gate 1, 08024, Barcelona, Spain, (hereinafter, the Owner) rents the identified vehicle (motorcycle or moped, hereinafter refered to as Vehicle or Motocycle) in this rental agreement, under the following terms and conditions.

This document contains all the terms of the rental agreement entered into between the Owner and the Client, whereas the latter must read it carefully and in case of not understanding any of the provisions contained in this document, he must request the respective clarifications from the Owner.

State of the vehicle

The Client acknowledges that he/she received the motorcycle in good working condition and cleanliness, including both tires, and shall commit to return it in the same conditions, together with the motorcycle’s keys, equipment, tools and/or accessories, in the Place and date established in the rental agreement.

It is expressly forbidden to the Client to alter any technical feature of the motorcycle, the keys, equipment, tires, tools and/or accessories of the motorcycle, as well as any aesthetic modification. In case of violation of the provisions hereof the Client shall be liable for the costs, duly justified, of the reconditioning of the motorcycle to its original condition, as well as for the compensation due to the immobilization of the vehicle during the period of its reconditioning, which shall be calculated upon rental days.

If the motorcycle is used in violation of the provisions of the present contract, the Owner may terminate the contract and take over the motorcycle, at any time and without prior notice, at the expense of the Client.


The duration of the rental will be agreed in the contract.

The minimum rental period is one day, considering for that purpose the period of 24 hours counted from the start of the rental.

In the event that the Client wishes to extend the motorcycle rental period established in the rental agreement, the Client must request express authorization in writing from the Owner. In no case may the amount of the deposit bond be used as form of payment of the amount due by virtue of extension of the rental contract.

If the motorcycle circulates outside the agreed period without the express authorization of the Owner, the obligations of the Owner under the rental contract as well as the other services integrated in it shall expire. The Client must return the motocycle immediately and at his/her own cost and compensate damages to the Owner.

Price and deposit

The price to pay for the rent as well as the deposit amount are determined by the rates in force on the date of signing hereof. The agreed payment method is the credit card. Payments made in cash or by debit card require prior authorization from the Owner. If the payment in cash is authorized, the Owner reserves the right to request from the Client one or more credit cards as guarantee.

All prices include VAT applicable in Spain.

In any case, the deposit can never be less than € 1,200 which must be pre-approved on a valid credit card at the time of receiving the vehicle. For a fee of 20€/day the deposit can be reduced to 600€.

In case of any damage or alteration of any technical feature of the motorcycle, its keys, equipment, tires, tools and/or accessories, as well as any aesthetic modification, the Owner shall retain from the deposit the amount justified and necessary to repair or restore the vehicle to its initial conditions.

Booking Conditions

To make the reservation of the vehicle, the Client must pay 50% of the total rent at booking. The remainder and full payment will be made the day of collection. The Owner reserves the right to condition the availability of the motorcycle to the effective demonstration, by the Client, of the payment of the reservation deposit.

The rent must be made within a maximum period of 12 months from the date of reservation.

Cancellation and refund policy

In case of cancellation of the reservation by the Client:

All the money non-refunded may be used as credit for future rentals within 12 months after the cancellation, if expressely authorised by the Owner.

Responsibility of the client

Subject to the provisions set forth in Clauses (1) and (2), in case of loss, damage, theft or robbery of the motorcycle or parts thereof, occurring during the rental period, the Client shall pay the Owner, upon request and as damages and losses, including, without limitation, the costs of repair, replacement, deterioration, loss of rental income, towing and collection costs of the motorcycle according to the rates established by the Owner.

The responsibility of the Client is limited, in the terms referred to below, to the condition that the Client complies with the terms of the contract and the loss or damage is not caused intentionally or by gross negligence of any authorized driver;

  1. The liability for loss or damage to the motorcycle resulting from theft or robbery is limited to the integral value of the deposit established in the contract. The Client has the duty to immediately inform Retro Rides S.L. and the authorities of the event. Motorcycles have a disc lock that must be used at all times and the Client must park the vehicle in a safe and covered place during the night, otherwise the theft or robbery will be entirely attributable to the Client as gross negligence.
  2. Any damage suffered by the vehicle, including minor scratches, during the rental period, will be covered by the Client, to be deducted from the deposit the amounts due for the repair of the vehicle. For a correct monitoring of the vehicle’s condition, a prior report on the state of the vehicle shall be provided, and the state of the vehicle shall be checked after the rental.

Responsibility of the owner

The Owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Client, except in case of gross negligence on his part. The Client is obliged to contract his/her own insurance according to Clause 11 hereby.


All charges provided in this contract are calculated in accordance with the current price list of the Owner and based on the use of the motorcycle by the Client as specified herein.

The Client agrees to pay or to reimburse the Owner, at his request, the following amounts:

  1. rental of the motorcycle, as well as any other supplements, including but not limited: additional drivers; delivery and collection; rent and delivery at a different station; airport service supplement; washing; after hours service. The price of the aforementioned services and supplements will be specified at the time of rental. In the event that the Client returns the motorcycle to the Owner with a delay of more than 60 minutes in relation to the scheduled time for the return, the latter reserves the right to charge the Client an extra day’s rent at the applicable daily rate;
  2. the costs related to the lack of fuel and corresponding administrative fee, in case the motorcycle is delivered without the full fuel tank;
  3. the administrative costs related to the management of the process of issuing the documentation of the motorcycle in case of theft or loss by the Client;
  4. the costs of the towing service to the nearest premises of the Owner, except immobilization situations that occurred due to the responsibility of the Owner;
  5. for damage caused to tires that are not solely due to their normal wear or accidental punctures;
  6. taxes applicable to the rates in force;
  7. in case the Client is in default, he/she is obliged to pay, without the need for any formal notification for this purpose, interest for late payment of legal interest of money in force, in addition to the charges established in the contract;
  8. all expenses including those inherent in the immobilization of the motorcycle, when it was apprehended by the police authorities.

All claims or objections in relation to the aforementioned charges must be notified to the Owner no later tan 30 days after receipt of the account statement, period after which the account statement will be considered final.

The Client authorizes that the rental charges be debited to the credit card account indicated at the beggining, as well as others charges that are directly or indirectly related to the rental of the motorcycle, even after its return and in accordance with the current Terms and Conditions of the contract.

Infractions to the traffic / circulation regulations

During the rental period of the motorcycle, the Client is fully responsible for all fines that have occurred as infractions of traffic, circulation, parking and tolls rules, as well as for all the consequences and responsibilities that may arise therefrom. The Owner will charge a supplement for the administrative work according to the agreed rates in case the Client incurs any fine during the rental period, without prejudice to the payment of the amounts of such fines. The Owner shall provide the Client, at his/her request, a copy of the notifications received regarding infractions to the rules of traffic, parking and/or tolls.

Conditions of the driver

The Client must provide his/her contact information (including full name, telephone and email) to Retro Rides S.L. together with his/her National Identity Document in case of Spaniards, or the Passport in case of foreigners, so that the Owner can verify its veracity and make copies of it, for purposes strictly attributable to the existing commercial relationship between both parties.

To qualify to drive the vehicle, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Provide the National Identity Document in case of Spaniards, or Passport in case of foreigners, to prove the age of 25 years old or more.
  2. Provide the Driving License A (without any limitation to drive motorcycles, and with the minimum of 2 years of experience prior to the rental period). Foreigners whose country is outside the Schengen área must provide the International Driving License (according to the country of origin and the Spanish legislation).

Retro Rides S.L. reserves the right to make copies of these documents for purposes strictly attributable to the commercial relationship between both parties.

At any time prior to the end of the rental, the Client may hire additional drivers, provided that they meet the conditions stipulated above and produce the established documentation, for a price of € 25 per day.

Conditions of use

The Client must take care of the motorcycle, making sure that it is parked in a safe place and supplied with the appropriate fuel according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The Client must regularly check the oil and water levels, the tire pressure and any other parameters and basic elements for driving the motorcycle.

The Client must not use or allow the use of the motorcycle in the following circumstances:

  1. Transport of passengers or cargo against payment;
  2. Drive or tow any motorcycle or any other object;
  3. Participate in any race, test, or competitions, official or not, or drive the motorcycle outside paved roads. Its use in any type of circuits is also prohibited.
  4. While the driver is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or any other substance that reduces their perception or ability to react;
  5. Transportation of goods that infringe the law or any of legal provisions, or for an illicit purpose;
  6. Transport of passengers in a number higher than authorized and indicated in the technical inspection guide of the motorcycle;
  7. Transportation of goods of weight, quantity and / or volume higher than the one authorized in the technical inspection guide of the motorcycle.
  8. Transportation of goods or merchandise classified as hazardous or special by the current transport legislation.
  9. Not to use or allow the use of the rented motorcycle as a means or instrument for committing crimes, punishable acts, prohibited or simply sanctioned by law, to help criminals or their protection, transport and storage of objects of crime.
  10. In violation of any rules of traffic regulation, circulation and road safety.
  11. Failure to meet the stipulated minimum requirements regarding the age and valid driver’s license.
  12. By any person who is not the authorized driver or does not meet the minimum requirements set up by the Owner regarding the age and valid driving license. In such cases, the Client is also liable for the use of the motorcycle and will have to compensate the Owner in the terms of the contract.
  13. Driving the motorcycle in countries not allowed (ONLY the continental territory of the member states of the Schengen area is allowed)
  14. To sublease.
  15. The Client shall be liable for any loss and damage, regardless of the coverage contracted, caused by the motorcycle in the case of traveling outside the territory authorized and provided for in this contract.
  16. The lease for any commercial purpose is also prohibited. Including the use of the vehicle for promotional materials for other companies and organisations. Including and not limited to; ad campaigns, catalogues, professional use and content made for publicity and public consumption.

A maximum limit of 350 kilometers per day is established. Each extra Kilometer will cost € 0.25. In leases of 7 days or more such limitation won’t apply.

Delivery of the Motorcycle is limited to an area of 4km radius from Placa Catalunya 08002.

Only the person or persons identified and recognized as such by the Owner are authorized to drive the motorcycle.

The Client agrees with the Owner to ensure that the motorcycle’s steering is locked and blocked when not in circulation, and to preserve the documents of the motorcycle in its possession.

It is expressly forbidden for the Client to mortgage, lien, sell or in any way give in warranty the motorcycle, equipment, tools and/or accessories of the motorcycle and /or any part or piece thereof, or use the motorcycle in a way that causes damage to the Owner.

In the Iberian Peninsula as well as in other member states of the Schengen area, the transfer of the motorcycle to the islands is prohibited, unless expressly authorized by the Owner. The violation of this rule authorizes the Owner to take over the motorcycle, without any need for justification or compensation.

Fuel: The vehicle will be provided with a full fuel tank and must be returned in the same conditions, with a full fuel tank. Otherwise, a surcharge of € 1.80 per liter of petrol (petrol 95) will be charged with a minimum surcharge of € 10.

The Client has a possibility of hiring the option “Prepaid fuel” in which the vehicle can be returned with the empty fuel tank, upon payment of € 20 (€35 for Moto Guzzi V7iii Stone) on the day of collection of the vehicle.


This lease does NOT include any type of insurance other than the compulsory civil liability insurance of the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the Client to have the proper medical insurance in case of accident, injury or illness. International clients must have their travel insurance that covers especially the use of motorcycles in Spain and the countries authorized by this contract, including in both cases the accompanying passengers in the vehicle.


In case of accident, loss, damage, theft or robbery, the event must be reported to the police and the Owner within a maximum period of 24 hours. The Client is obliged to fill in the declaration delivered together with the motorcycle’s documentation, also committing to fill out and sign in the nearest Owner’s office the accident, loss, damage, theft or robbery report. The Client is obliged to collaborate with the Owner, the police and the Owner’s insurer in any subsequent investigation or judicial process, and immediately transmit any letters, subpoenas or notifications regarding that event and to provide full collaboration to the Owner and the insurance company in the investigation and defense of any claim or process.

There is no obligation on the part of the Owner to provide a replacing motorcycle to the Client, if the rented motorcycle is subject to accident or lost, damaged or stolen.

Personal Belongings

The Owner is not liable to the Client or any passenger for loss or material damage to personal belongings stored or transported on the motorcycle, either during the rental period or after the end of the contract.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This contract is governed by the Spanish law, and any dispute arising herefrom must be settled by the Courts and Tribunas of Barcelona, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction.

Charges on credit cards

The Client, upon the signature of this contract, authorizes the Owner to block in the indicated credit card, the agreed amounts of rent as well as any other outstanding payments in relations with the present contract, even after its termination.

Personal data

All information received by the Owner will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and security, and will be incorporated into the automated files of his property, whose creation has been duly notified to the Data Protection Agency.

This information is used by the Owner exclusively for purposes related to each product and service, and commercial relationship with its clients, and will not be communicated to third parties unless the Owner is required to do so by the authorities, or it is public information.

Interested parties may exercise their rights to access, rectify, supress, data portability, and oppose or limitate the personal data processing by means of a signed document addressed to RETRO RIDES, S.L., Calle Encarnacio, núm. 108, Planta BJ, Puerta 1, 08024, Barcelona, Spain, or sending it by email to the address contact@retroridesbarcelona.com, adding in any case the photocopy of the DNI of the person concerned.

The Owner will keep the personal information it has collected and will adopt the necessary measures in order to avoid its alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access. The Owner will fulfil this obligation in agreement with what is established in applicable regulations (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 UE – GDPR, and further dispositions).


Any alteration of the terms and conditions hereof shall be expressly recorded in writing, otherwise it shall be considered null and void.